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ShortFinal is the official web presence of meiAIR-reisen which helps you to experience your world from above with individual sightseeing flights at operating cost.

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Sightseeing flights at operating cost

I want to share my passion for flying with you! With individual trips to the alps or many other places you can experience the freedom of flying. With a cruise speed of roughly 210km/h and a range of up to 1'000km, we can travel quite some distances. Departure is in Grenchen (if not desired otherwise). Get in touch to arrange an individual trip.

Expected Costs

Expected costs in Switzerland are roughly 330 CHF per hour of flight (which covers gas, rent and landing taxes for Robin Dauphin DR-400) for up to 3 passengers.

Example Routings

Takeoff in Grenchen, Bielersee, Neuchatel, Creux du Van, Fribourg, Grenchen.
55min - 315 CHF (105 CHF per person)

Awesome Airplanes

Dauphin Robin DR400, Piper PA-28 or Cessna C172 depending on Location

>100h Flight Time

Flight experience in Switzerland as well as California (mostly in the Los Angeles area)


Private Pilot License that allows to fly baiscally all around the world


Love for the airborne life

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Want to treat yourself or a good friend with an unforgettable experience? Get in touch and arrange an individual flight!


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